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"Did you want to go back to Deep Well?"

The Abyss is a location in OMORI. It is an optional area exclusive to the Hikikomori Route that can be accessed after saving Basil and talking to the Hitchhiker.


The Abyss is comprised of seven layers, each structured in maze-like patterns and connected by ladders. Only the top layer can be accessed initially: collecting every Hangman letter is a requirement to open the path to the deeper layers. Once fulfilled, the game will autosave and crash. Upon reopening the game, the main menu is skipped and the autosave is immediately loaded, allowing the player to progress.

As Omori travels deeper into the Abyss, several Something variants appear as enemies. Additionally, in the sixth layer, multiple skeletons can be found that are very heavily implied to be past versions of Omori's friends. Several items can be found throughout the first six layers in watermelons, a possible hint to what lies ahead.

In the seventh level, the player can find Abbi, who immediately challenges the team. Upon her defeat, she will beg Omori and the Dreamer for mercy. If granted, revisiting the tentacles scattered across Headspace will prompt Abbi to offer the team very powerful weapons and accessories as gifts, including Omori's strongest weapon, the Red Knife.

If killed, Omori will gain Abbi's Eye and will be unable to receive the tentacle gifts.


Before the creation of Headspace, there existed three great creatures: the oldest, the wisest, and the favorite. The wisest, implied to be Abbi, committed "an act that opposed the Dreamer's will," and was subsequently stripped of her wisdom and banished to the bottom of the Abyss.

Due to the Abyss having a direct link to a Black Space 2 room, as well as Something-esque enemies bleeding through the lower layers, it is strongly implied that the Abyss is closely related to, or is a direct part of, Black Space.



  • The Abyss can not be revisited if the player decides to kill Abbi.
  • Walking right after defeating Abbi (either sparing or killing her) will eventually warp the player to the Weathervane Area.
  • The Static Void map has code that implies that the Weathervane Area was not the original warp destination.
  • Killing Abbi will make the room transition from the final room to the room above slightly longer and teleport the player straight to the first room of the Abyss.