Something in the Dark

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Something in the Dark
Something Heights.gif
HP.png heart 9000
MP.png juice 4500
attack 10
defense 10
speed 10
luck 10

Something in the Dark is the first phobia Sunny overcomes, representing his severe acrophobia. Sunny 'battles' it during the Prologue, shortly after his first attempt to go down the stairs. He conquers it after remembering how to Calm Down from a mysterious voice.


While Something in the Dark has extremely high stats for the point where it is fought, they are effectively meaningless, as the fight is essentially a cutscene. Something in the Dark will always follow this behavior:

Something Heights.gif On the first three turns, it will shove Sunny, dealing 15% HP.png damage.

On the forth and fifth turn, it will taunt Sunny as he falls.

On the sixth, seventh, and eighth turn, it will shove Sunny, dealing 15% HP.png damage.

On the ninth turn, it will taunt Sunny as he falls.

On the tenth turn, it will shove Sunny, dealing 143 HP.png, and instantly killing him.

If Sunny fails to use Calm Down by the tenth turn, Something in the Dark will use it's final attack, inflicting 143 HP.png of damage as Sunny presumably falls to his death. Even if the attack is survived through cheats, the Game Over screen will still appear, as the battle is scripted to end in defeat at this point.


Dark Attack: [.15 * b.mhp] (15% maximum HP.png of the target).

Final Attack: [143].

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Something taunts [target] as he falls.
* Something shoves [target].

During battle

* ???: ...
* ???: Take a deep breath... Don't be afraid. It's not as scary as you think.
*  You steady yourself... and remember how to calm down.
* ???: Remember, ... All you need to do is calm down...



  • The damage from its "final attack", 143, is strongly associated with Something, and likely stands for "I love you."
  • Something in the Dark curiously has more HP.png and MP.png compared to its harder Omori route exclusive variant, Heights.