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Berly is a side character in OMORI




Berly is a lizard-like creature. She has scales across the top of her head through their purple hair that rests on the side. She wears glasses with a blue sweater.
Her real world counterpart is Kim.


Berly is overconfident and aggressive and always tries to get people to join her activities. She's very self-centered and exclaims about her abilities, like her headbutt. She does have a soft spot and cares for many other people in the playground like Basil and Van.


3 Days Left

Bangs appears in the prologue at the playground with Van. After the group attempts to leave, Berly calls them a starts a game of hide-and-seek. The seeker is chosen by giving a straw to everyone, then whoever has the shortest straw, is the seeker, which happens to be Omori. After finding all the hiders, Berly appears underground the tetherpole with a straw sticking out.

If the player returns to Berly after Basil's disappearance, Berly will reveal Van hit the tetherball somewhere far into Vast Forest. Accepting to get the ball back will initiate the Berly's Lost Ball side quest.

2 Days Left

When Berly starts working with Mr. Jawsum at the Last Resort she is assigned as the guard to Jawsum's room on the 5th floor. She requests a Bottled Water and after giving it, she allows Omori and Kel to pass through.


  • Berly was supposed to fight in your party during the lost ball quest. Evidence is an entry in the RPG Maker project's actor tab and cut skill lines.
  • Berly's name originates from the name "Kimberly". The first syllable is used in her real world counterpart and the other two here.
  • Furthermore, her name might reference an Omocat team member by the name of "Kimberly Vance".
  • Her brother's name, "Vance", can also be deduced by this.