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Bangs is a side character in OMORI




Bangs is shaped as a roundish oval with purple bangs covering most of their body. His eyes indicate a very tired and lazy look.


Bangs shows to be very uninterested and lethargic compared to everyone else in the playground. This can be confirmed further by getting a job as a bed tester in the Last Resort


3 Days Left

Bangs appears in the prologue at the playground with Happy and Brows. During the game of hide-and-seek, Bangs decides to stay at the same spot because of his laziness.

2 Days Left

Bangs gets hired by Mr. Jawsum at the Last Resort alongisde everyone else. After trying to get Bangs to do a job, Mr. Jawsum realizes he's just too lazy so he assigns Bangs to to being the bed tester on the second floor.