Bottled Water

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Bottled Water
Bottled water.png
cost 0 Clams.png
HP.png heart 0 HP.png
MP.png juice 100 MP.png
id 0066

Bottled Water is a snack in OMORI.


Water in a bottle. Heals 100 juice.


Bottled Water can be acquired in various ways:

  • Found outside of the Last Resort.



  • Despite the original 0 cost, shared with all the items that can't be sold, the Bottled Water is sold at a variating price by the various Slimes found in within the Last Resort, costing 500 clams, 450 clams, 400 clams or even a randomized value between 350 and 650 clams.
  • A Bottled Water is needed to be acquired in order to convince Berly to free the passage to Mr. Jawsum's office.