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In OMORI, quests serve as elements of the game that are sometimes necessary for plot progression.

If an NPC shows a white lightbulb that means that they will give you a quest if you talk to them, after accepting the quest or talking to them three "..." will appear meaning that you accepted the quest and that you can now do it. When a black lightbulb appears that means that you have completed the quest and that if you talk to them, they will give you a reward. After you finish talking to them a sound can be heard, meaning that you successfully completed the quest.

Current quests in Headspace can be viewed by talking to Mari, who will list all current quests Omori and his friends are involved in and ones they have already completed. Mari will offer commentary depending on quest progress. In Faraway, there is no in-game way to track current quests outside of simply remembering which are active.

Quests can be divided between side quests and main quests. Main quests are necessary for the game to progress, so you will have to complete them to advance in the story. Side quests, on the other hand, are not necessary and can be completely ignored, but they will give rewards for completing them, some side quests are more difficult than others so each one will have different rewards for doing them.

List of Quests


Name Character Description Reward
Stuffed Toy Aubrey Kel has stolen Aubrey's stuffed toy and hidden it. Omori needs to find it for her. Story
Basil Basil After witnessing a strange photograph, Basil has gone completely missing. Omori and his friends need to find him. Story
Daisy's Dilemma Daisy Daisy wants a Flower Puzzle for Neb. Daisy
Berly's Lost Ball Berly Berly has lost the treadmill ball and wants you to help her. Butt Certificate & Headbutt
Rabbit Killer Leafie Leafie hates bunnies and wants you to kill some. Cotton tail Bunny ears Rabbit foot
Hector Kel Kel's pet rock fell out of his pocket, and you need to find him. Hector Jr.
Whereabouts of Duckie Jr Duckie Sr Duckie Sr is worried about the whereabouts of his son. Dandelion
Captain of the Space Pirates Space Pirate Captain Spaceboy's Special Mixtape got lost. Story
Strange Request TV Girl TV Girl wants you to find three items. Coffee
Stick in the Mud Scarecrow Scarecrow has lost his crow friends. 5-leaf Clover
Front-Row Tickets Aubrey After defeating four sprout moles. they dropped front row tickets for Sweetheart's show. Aubrey wants to see it. Story
Weeping Willow Weeping Willow Weeping Willow is very sad and needs you to tell her a joke. LOL Sword
A Good Listener Candlie You need to find Candlie's Teddy Bear. Rubber duck
Fascinating Literature Demi Demi is bored and needs a new book. Deep Poetry Book
Care Package Sprout Mole (quest) Sprout Mole wants you to deliver a package to Brother Mole. Life Jam
Pessi's Thing Pessi Pessi has lost their most prized Sweetheart possesion. Sweetheart Bust
Sweaty Snack Sport Mole The Sport Mole is hungry after a long day of training and is looking for a snack. TODO
B.E.D. Shady Mole Shady Mole wants the B.E.D for some malicious reason. TODO
Missing Friends Mari Your friends went missing and you need to find them. Story
Ghost Party Tophat Ghost Tophat Ghost can't start the party because none of his guests have arrived, and needs Omori's help to find them. Top Hat
Call of Inspiration Berly Berly has an idea, but needs inspiration and materials. Cool Noodle
Squizzards Farmer Jim Farmer Jim wants all those Squizzards gone from his field. Clams
Itchy Scott Scott feels his bottom itchy and wants you to scratch it. TODO
The Conviction of Orange Joe Orange Joe (character) Orange Joe wants you to find his lost twin bother, Oragne Joe 2 Life Jams
Rain Town Veggie Kid Veggie Kid needs the "Chosen One" to reduce the amount of rain in Rain Town. Veggie Kid (charm)
Present for Palmie Jelly Jelly wants you to find a special gift for Miss Palmie. TODO
Empty House Mari Mari heard rumors about an empty house and wants you to investigate it. Story
Son of a Space Pirate Pinkbeard Pinkbeard wants to find his son Captain Spaceboy. Wedding Ring
Feed Humphrey Humphrey Feed Humphrey an exorbitant amount of money. Access to Humphrey
Marina's Operation Marina Help Marina reconstruct her body. Finger
Medusa's Experiment Medusa Help Medusa reconstruct her body. High Heels
Molly's Analysis Molly Help Molly reconstruct her body. Mystery Potion


Name Character Description
Medication Yellow Bun Lady Charlie's mother needs her medication but has no one to bring it to her.
Motivation for Mincy Mincy Mincy is plagued with self doubt and needs motivation.
Artist's Inspiration Artist The Artist just needs a few pointers.
Tutoring Joy Joy Joy needs a little help with her homework.
Tutoring Brent Brent Brent needs a little help with his homework.
Leaking Pipe Gruff Guy Vance's dad is in need of moral support while fixing his leaking pipe.
Missing Shears Red-Glasses Lady Kim's mother has lost her garden shears, can you find them?
Jesse's Birthday Wrinkly Forehead Wrinkly Forehead is looking for a present for his son's birthday.
Hide & Seek Daphne and Bowen Daphne and Bowen are hiding from their brother.
Missing Ring Clumsy Guy Sarah's father accidentally let their ring fall into the sink.
TV Remote All-American Guy Cris' father has lost his TV remote.
Picking a lamp Fashionable Mom The fashionable mom has sent her son Billy to buy a lamp from Fix-It, he has not returned since.
House Party Sean and Karen Sean and Karen need help with their upcoming house party.
Lost Lucas Artist The Artist's dog, Lucas, has gone missing.
Bring Angel Artist The Artist's brother, Angel, is taking too long to solving his errands and wants someone to look for him.
Anniversary Clumsy Guy Sarah's father forgot his and his wive's anniversary. Now he needs help.