Berly's Lost Ball

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"Berly's Lost Ball" is one of the Quests found in OMORI.
It is a side quest, meaning that its completion is not mandatory.


Berly and Van were playing with a tetherball together until Van used his hand instead of his head.
This caused the ball to fly off into the Vast Forest, never to be seen again.
After Omori talks to Van, he asks Omori for help.



Berly and Van


Vast Forest


To find the ball, simply walk one room south of the playground and go west in a straight line until you hit a dead-end, the ball will be right below a bench.


After Berly gets her ball back, she will teach Aubrey Headbutt and give the group the Butt Certificate.


  • Berly was supposed to actually be in your party and attack in battles according to her entry in the actors tab of the RPG Maker project and cut skill lines.