Mystery Potion

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Mystery Potion
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id 0093

The Mystery Potion is a Toy in OMORI. It can only be used on the overworld, and can only be used on Omori while he is in underwater locations, like Deep Well and other linked locations such as Humphrey. Nothing will happen if anyone else drinks it, or if Omori attempts to drink it above water.

The effects of the potion will swap Omori's gender, giving her pigtails. This is purely cosmetic, although it notably allows for Omori to follow Aubrey into the women's restrooms of the Last Resort. This also means that Kel and Hero will enter the men's restroom alone.

The Mystery Potion cannot be used in restrooms. The effects of the potion will wear off if Omori gets into a battle, checks a mirror, or leaves Deep Well.

The Mystery Potion has unlimited uses.


A questionable potion made for Omori.
Can only be used underwater.


Mystery Potion can be acquired by completing the Medusa's Experiment quest.


  • Various quotes will appear if the Mystery Potion is used in locations that it doesn't work in, if anyone besides Omori attempts to drink it, or when the potion otherwise wears off:
  • The mystery potion doesn't work in bathrooms for some reason.
  • The mystery potion did not work on Aubrey.
  • The mystery potion did not work on Kel.
  • The mystery potion did not work on Hero.
  • The label says the mystery potion only works underwater.
  • The effects of the mystery potion wore off...


  • Early in development, it was intended for the player to be able to choose Sunny's - and by extension Omori's - gender before it was cut. The Mystery Potion reuses the sprites that were originally created for this concept.