Mystery Potion

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Mystery Potion
cost 0 Clams.png
id 0093

Mystery Potion is a toy in OMORI. This potion can only be used from the inventory on the field.
When used, Omori will become a girl, growing pigtails. While this serves no practical purpose, it allows Omori to enter the women's restrooms with Aubrey at the Last Resort.

The potion is reusable and will remain in your inventory upon use.
The potion will only work in Deep Well and other linked, underwater locations such as Humphrey, and additionally cannot be used inside bathrooms. The potion will fail to work altogether if used on anyone else. If Omori tries to examine a mirror while under the effects of the mystery potion, it will wear off.


A questionable potion made for Omori. Can only be used underwater.


Mystery Potion can be acquired by completing the Medusa's Experiment quest.


  • There are various quotes for when using this toy on different characters or locations or when the party gets out of the water:
  • The mystery potion doesn't work in bathrooms for some reason.
  • The mystery potion did not work on Aubrey.
  • The mystery potion did not work on Kel.
  • The mystery potion did not work on Hero.
  • The label says the mystery potion only works underwater.
  • The effects of the mystery potion wore off...
  • This item is a reference to the fact that the player was supposed to be able to choose Omori's gender early in development.