Sweetheart Bust

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Sweetheart Bust
user Aubrey
HP.png heart 0
MP.png juice 0
attack 20
defense 0
speed -30
luck 0
hit 75

Sweetheart Bust is a weapon in OMORI.


A bust of Sweetheart. It's really heavy.
Like really, really heavy.


Given by Pessi after completing the quest Pessi's Thing.


  • Along with the Pool Noodle, it is the only weapon in the game that reduces the wielder's speed.
    • The speed penalty is significant enough that, if Aubrey equips it, she will almost always move after Hero, and depending on the enemy, may move after them. This should be kept in mind for battles where turn order is very important, such as Perfectheart's or Mutantheart's.