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This article is about Basil as an enemy character. For the non-playable character, see Basil.

Basil is a boss in OMORI, being one of the last bosses of the true route.


"After all this time... you've finally come back for me. But... tomorrow... you're going away. H-HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!?!?" -Basil, before his boss fight

When you wake up in Basil's house during the last day, you can choose to go back to sleep, or you can go upstairs to Basil's room to save him. Basil is standing there, armed with garden shears. He starts crying and begs Sunny not to leave him. When Sunny tries to, his Something is at the door and prevents him from leaving. Basil's Something manifests as well, and they push the two boys into a fight.


Basil has 150 HP.png heart, 30 MP.png juice, 4 attack, 2 defense, 6 speed and 10 luck, he will follow an scripted behaviour till the end of the battle:

Basil Behaviour
on the first turn, Basil will do nothing.

For the next turns up to the tenth turn, Basil will always attack, dealing damage.

Sunny starts the battle afraid, Basil will never miss, if Sunny ever tries to use any of his skills, Something will disturb him and delete the skill.
A cutscene will play when Sunny's "Stress meter" reaches 10, working similar to the normal energy bar, but increasing the stress by one every turn instead of the usual, Sunny will then become stressed out.

While stressed out, the screen will be grayed, the music will change, and the bar's numbers will keep changing, the bar itself will show the message "everything is going to be okay". The attack will also flash the screen red and make a "stab" sound.

Finally, once Sunny or Basil reaches 2% heart, Basil will damage Sunny's right eye (causing the side of the screen to become dark and Sunny's portrait to change) and abort the battle, as both of them feint.


Attack: [5 * a.atk - b.def], also increasing stress by one and increase the user's hit rate by a 1000%. This attack will never hit right in the heart.

Battle quotes

Action quotes

* Basil reaches inside [target].
* Basil's eyes are red from crying.

During battle

* Basil: Sunny...
* Basil: There's no way out of this, is there?
* Basil: Tell me, Sunny...
* Basil: Am I selfish for doing this?
* Basil: Sunny...
* Basil: Do you hate me?
* Basil: Please... stop it...
* Basil: Stop struggling Sunny.
* Basil: I'm... I'm so tired...
  • every turn before 9 stress:
*You want to run.

Sunny/Basil low on heart

* Basil: Why!? Why won't you stop!?


* Basil slices [target]'s arm.[1]



  • After the 99° turn, Basil will start attacking again.
  1. His unused "preemptive strike" skill uses this action text, this skill would deal 50% heart damage to Sunny, it seems to also be intended to be used right at the start of the battle.