Orange Joe (real world)

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Orange Joe (real world)
Orange joe.png
cost 2 $
heart 0 HP.png
juice 3 MP.png
id 0121

Orange Joe (real world) is a snack in OMORI.


Kel's favorite soda. Orange-flavored coffee.


Orange joe can be acquired in various ways:

  • Being bought at the Gino's Pizza in the Faraway Town Center.
  • All-American Dad will give you a can every time Sunny finds his remote, once per day.



  • Like many snacks in Faraway Town, drinking an Orange Joe will trigger a small text related to it.
  • If given to Kel in battle, he will become Happy.
  • The only exception is while fighting Aubrey in the Church; He is locked onto the Angry emotion in that battle and it cannot be changed.