Steak Knife

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Steak Knife
[[File:KNIFE WEAPON.png]]
user Sunny
HP.png heart 0
MP.png juice 0
attack 30
defense 0
speed 0
luck 0
hit 25

Steak Knife is a weapon in OMORI.


Good for cutting meat.


The Steak Knife is obtained by picking it up in the kitchen of Sunny's house it will automatically equip and the player is unable to unequip it.

During the True route this knife will be unequipped several times during the playthrough, once after the first battle with Aubrey, when Kel grabs it from Sunny's hands, being then equipped before every Something battle inside the house and removed after it. lastly, if Sunny decides to not help Basil in the last day, the steak knife can be found again in the kitchen, and the player have the option of equipping it one last time.