Steak Knife

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Steak Knife
user Sunny
HP.png heart 0
MP.png juice 0
attack 30
defense 0
speed 0
luck 0
hit 25

Steak Knife is a weapon in OMORI.


Good for cutting meat.


The Steak Knife is first obtained while Sunny attempts to go down his house's stairs for the first time, shortly before his battle against Something in the Dark. However, this is only a hallucination, and he will be unarmed when he defeats it and snaps back to reality.

The Steak Knife is shortly after actually obtained while Sunny prepares his meal in his kitchen; he collects it to cut the steak and keeps it on him after this point. On the Sunny route, the knife is kept until the battle with Aubrey in Faraway Park. He either slices Aubrey with it, injuring her and forcing her to retreat, or intimidates her with it, making her back off. In either case, Kel confiscates it shortly after, rendering him unarmed.

Sunny will reobtain the Steak Knife during each of the remaining hallucinatory battles against his phobias, but will lose it again immediately afterwards.

Sunny will also reobtain the Steak Knife at the beginning of the Recycultist HQ, but loses it again after waking up.

If Sunny chooses to abandon Basil by returning to sleep after learning the truth, he can obtain another Steak Knife by returning to his kitchen. Collecting another Steak Knife this way will result in Sunny committing suicide that night by stabbing himself in his sleep.

On the Mixed Route, Kel will confiscate the Steak Knife, but the knife will still appear on 1 Day Left. This is likely an oversight by the devs.

On the Omori route, Sunny will keep the Steak Knife on him the entire route, as Kel never confiscates it.


  • The knife's attack bonus is removed if Sunny chooses to fight Jackson in Hobbeez before the confrontation with Aubrey: The fight removes Sunny's knife and adds it back afterwards, but an oversight means that the attack bonus isn't given back when it is reequipped.