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Nanci is an enemy that can be fought in deep into the Vast Forest, and it's known as one of the minor Somethings that can be found on the more obscure places of the dream world.


It has 520 HP.png heart, 250 MP.png juice, 83 attack, 90 defense, 44 speed and 10 luck. It is immune to emotions, and will behave as follow:

??? Behaviour

75% chance of doing a normal attack. Observe.png

45% chance of doing nothing.

Else, it will angry itself instead.

Additionally, everyone but Omori will start the battle afraid.


Skills that can be used when observe is used against the target are marked with Observe.png.

Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def] (default). Observe.png

Self angry: Turn the user angry.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* ??? stabs her claws into [target]!
* Liar.
* ??? starts boiling up!

When defeated

* ???: [player name]... I'm sorry...


* ??? sways back and forth. [1]



  • Like other Something battles, the fight with Nanci will not finish with the traditional "reward" ending, the screen will also be darker than normal.
  • Like all minor somethings, Nanci's name is hidden from sight, being simply called "???", interestingly, all of these names ends with an "i".
  • Its do nothing skill, named as "liar" is "described" as:
"Just for the little basil in black space Not for Abyss".
  1. For its "do nothing" skill, which is replaced by "liar".