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143 is a recurring number in OMORI.


Appearance Description
Something in the Dark If Sunny fails to use Calm Down after learning it, then Something in the Dark will attack Sunny on the tenth turn for 143 HP.png of damage, instantly killing him.[1]
Something (enemy) After Something is revealed to be a hanging Mari, it will deal 143 HP.png of damage on the first turn.
Overcome There are two versions of the Overcome skill. The normal one obtained in the Something fight does exactly 143 HP.png of damage, although this cannot be seen under normal circumstances as the battle ends immediately after Sunny opens his eyes in the attack animation. The unused variant that "does big damage to an enemy" also deals exactly 143 HP.png of damage.
WTF Value The number assigned to the variable for WTF Value is 143.
Wolf An NPC located in the Last Resort, if Hero is tagged, will thank him for saving his marriage before giving the team 143 clams.
Backyard Area After Something begins following Omori, collect the key and wait. After 143 seconds, he will be able to jump off the right ledge into the Water Walkway.
Doombox If a Doombox is defeated while it is Neutral, Omori's party will gain exactly 143 EXP. Notably, Doomboxes will instead give 142 EXP if defeated while Happy, making it the only enemy in the game that rewards a different amount of EXP when Happy compared to Neutral.
White Pillars The 143rd song on the soundtrack is White Pillars, which plays in the Fishbowl Area. This is notably an area that heavily features Mari.


The frame where "I love you" and 143 can be seen. Click to see full resolution.
  • It was confirmed by Omocat that 143 means "I Love You" in the Console Preorder Promo, as seen about 28 seconds in.
    • In the last two frames before the segment with Mari ends, the words "I Love You" along with the number "143" can be spotted near the picnic bench on the left. This further ties "143" to Mari.
  • Omocat's YouTube channel URL is OMOCAT143.
  • Omocat donated 14,300$ during the Omori speedrun performed at Summer GDQ 2022.
  • Minced, another Omori developer, donated 143$ later on during the same run.
  • The number is strongly associated with Something, or Something-related sightings.
  • Omocat sold a postcard for $1.43 and a giclée for $143 on their online store.
    • Omocat's Sakura-Con Booth #925, Seattle, April 15 - April 17 shop item, intended for listing items Omocat is bringing to SAKURA-CON 2022, shows an out-of-stock item with the price of $1,430,000.00.
  • Omocat sold Something plush keychains for $14,3.
  • On the fifth promotional image of the Mewo plush, '143' written in dust can be spotted.
  • Aubrey's birthday, May 23rd, falls on the 143rd day of the year.
  • OMORI OST 154 - Playing Forever has a duration of 1:43.


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