Aubrey (enemy)

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Aubrey (enemy)
Aubrey Enemy (Neutral).gif
HP.png heart 240
MP.png juice 120
attack 24
defense 8
speed 12
luck 5

This article is about Aubrey as an enemy character. For the playable character, see Aubrey.

Aubrey serves as a mini-boss enemy in OMORI for the Sunny Route. She is fought by both Sunny and Kel within Faraway Park and the Church on the Three Days Left segment.


Three days left

After buying a gift from Hobbeez, Sunny and Kel find Basil begging Kim to ask Aubrey to give him back his Photo Album. Kim refuses to help, which leads to Kel stepping in to stop her from bullying Basil. This causes a commotion, alerting Aubrey and her new group of friends, the Hooligans. Kel tries to reason with Aubrey but she insists on picking a fight with him and Sunny. Regardless of the outcome, Aubrey backs off upon receiving an injury from Sunny's Steak Knife or noticing the item from Sunny's pocket. Aubrey then leaves the park with the Hooligans.

After learning that Aubrey has stolen the Photo Album, Sunny and Kel decide to interrogate each member of the Hooligans for Aubrey's whereabouts. The two eventually reach the Church, where Aubrey is sitting by herself. Kel questions Aubrey for her actions but ends up causing another heated argument. Knowing that there's no point in explaining due to Kel unintentionally stirring attention towards her, Aubrey tries to beat down both of her former friends. The fight ends as the church attendants around them gossip about her history, which causes a tearful Aubrey to run off.


In the first battle with Aubrey at Faraway Park, being defeated by her will result in a Game Over. However, the fight will be instantly 'won' if Sunny attacks, as he attacks with his Steak Knife, cutting and injuring her.

Regardless of whether or not Sunny and Kel are defeated by Aubrey or not in the Church, the story will progress the same.

Like many other Faraway enemies, Aubrey will prioritize Kel as the first target before attacking Sunny; this is because Kel has higher Speed compared to Sunny.

At the start of the Church battle, Kel will begin the battle Angry and cannot have his emotion changed under any circumstance.

{{{size1}}} 45% chance of doing a normal attack.

30% chance of doing nothing.

Otherwise, she will headbutt.


Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def], this attack will never hit right in the heart.

Headbutt: [3 * a.atk - b.def], this attack will never hit right in the heart.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Aubrey attacks [target]!
* Aubrey spits on your shoe.
* Aubrey headbutts [target]!

Park battle

  • Upon being attacked with the Steak Knife on the first battle:
 * Aubrey: Gah! What the...
 * Aubrey: Is... Is that a knife!?

Church battle

  • 75% HP.png:
* Aubrey: Why are you here?
  • 25% HP.png:
* Aubrey: Why... Why now?
  • When defeated:
* Aubrey: Ugh...
* Aubrey: Forget it... you two aren’t worth my time.
  • When defeating the player:
* Aubrey: Hmph.
* Aubrey: Serves you right, Kel.
* Aubrey: Now... leave me alone.
  • Background quotes
* ???: Look at her clothing... It is completely inappropriate for church...
* ???: I can't believe she would bring a weapon in here... How uncivilized...
* ???: What do these delinquents think they're doing? This is a place of worship!
* ???: Someone needs to stop them... Where are their parents?
* ???: That girl is a threat to this neighborhood. There's no hope for sinners like her!
* ???: I always thought she would be trouble... The pastor should have kicked her out a long time ago.
* ???: Children these days have no respect... I hope my kids don't turn out like her.


* Aubrey calls [target] weak![1]



  • Alongside Omori and Basil, Aubrey is one of the three main characters that are fightable as a boss.
  • Aubrey is one of the two Hooligan members that are fought individually, the other being The Maverick.
    • She is also one of the only two members fought twice, the other being Angel.
  • Aubrey was originally meant to have different emotion states like the other Faraway enemies but this wasn't fully used in-game.
    • However, one can still access these states by hacking through mods.
  1. The unused "taunt" skill uses this action text, it would turn the target angry.