Faceless Area

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The Faceless Area

The Faceless Area, otherwise known as "Meat Room", is an optional area in Black Space. This area is the thirteenth area the player can enter in Black Space.


This area features faceless clones of Omori's friends, internally called "mannequins," aimlessly wandering around. Omori can attempt to speak to them, although this will only produce blank dialogue boxes. Notably, talking to Basil's clone twice will result in his textbox image changing to show his Something covering his face. Likewise, interacting with Mari twice will result in her portrait turning into Something, and a third time will result in her portrait becoming Hellmari.

There is nothing else of particular interest here apart from the key. Upon grabbing it, Red Hands will spawn to bring Omori back to Black Space's hub.


  • The tiles in the ground spell out "Kill me." This is almost impossible to notice in-game due to the transparent nature of the tiles and the disorientating background of the room.
    • Notably, this same sentence is spelled out using wall tiles in the Red Maze.
  • The parallax background of the room appears to be made up of distorted photographs of various cuts of meat.
    • Further backing this up, the background is internally referred to as "bs_meat".