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role Hallucination

Hellmari is a distorted version of Mari who haunts Sunny during the course of OMORI.



Hellmari's appearance changes depending on the area she is found in, but she generally resembles a ghastly version of Mari, with a large, gaping mouth and completely empty eye-sockets. Her head is twisted at an unnatural angle, suggesting that her neck was snapped. In the appearances where she is humanoid, she always wears a white dress. She is notably never depicted with arms.



After Sunny conquers his fear of heights and vomits up the steak he made, he investigates the sudden knocking at the door. Mari claims to be on the other side, asking Sunny to let her in because she forgot the house keys. If he agrees to do so, he will slowly open the door, before slamming it shut and jumping back after seeing Hellmari on the other side. After this scare, should he return upstairs and check the mirror, he will hallucinate Hellmari behind him briefly.

Should he choose not to open the door, Mari will complain about being cold, but Sunny will not see Hellmari and can return to sleep normally. This also will result in him seeing Hellmari slightly less throughout the course of the game.

If Sunny chose to open the door and the save file's WTF Value is either at or above 6, then he will hallucinate Hellmari floating over the bed the next time he visits his mother's bedroom. It will disappear after a few short moments.

One Day Left

Hellmari is prominent in the final battle with Omori. A silhouette of her head will appear in the background behind Omori starting on the fourth phase. During the fifth phase, Omori will also use an attack that features her on Sunny to make him Afraid.

On the Omori route, if Sunny wakes up that night, she will charge and jumpscare Sunny the first time he attempts to go down the stairs.

Additionally, if Sunny opened the door for Mari in the Prologue and chooses to sleep until Moving Day, he will hallucinate Mari looming at the foot of his bed, and will further hallucinate Hellmari staring directly at him when he looks at the ceiling fan.


Should Omori jump into the sixth keyhole left by correct Hangman keys, he will fall through a watery plane. The sequence ends after he appears to fall into the mouth of Hellmari.

Black Space

Before entering Black Space, Omori will spot Mari lying in a coffin. When he approaches, Mari will suddenly transform into Hellmari, before lunging at him.

In the Town Area, Hellmari shows up as a mannequin. If Omori knocks on a specific house, she will briefly show up as a small scare.

In the Faceless Area, should Omori choose to speak with the faceless Mari three times, her dialogue portrait will be briefly replaced with Hellmari. This will only happen once.

She also shows up in the Mirror Area should Omori choose to smash every mirror. In this instance she will idly float around, screeching and warping away if Omori attempts to interact with her.

Black Space 2

Hellmari extensively shows up in events such as the Red Maze should Omori touch the floating slices of toast. She is also prominently featured in the Room with Hellmari subarea, in the Corrupted Junkyard, and in the Player Room with Hellmari hovering over Sunny's bed.

She can also been seen chasing Omori in the hidden map named Mari is home. More information on it's own page.


  • Hellmari's snapped neck is very likely a reference to how Mari's death was covered up. A hanging victim's neck would eventually snap from the strain of holding the entire body at one point in reality.