Red Maze

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The Red Maze

The Red Maze, also known as "Haunted Trees Hanging Maze", is an area found in Black Space. It can only be accessed through a secret passageway in Water Walkway.


The Red Maze is a strange, eerie maze that contains pieces of floating toast, mannequins that resemble Mari, and, in its deepest depths, Hellmari. It can only be accessed by following an invisible path on the Water Walkway, near the Corrupted Junkyard entrance.

The maze contains two ladders that link to different, small subareas.

The floating toast slices in the room will slowly float towards Omori. If he comes in contact with them, the Red Maze will darken, and they will be replaced with Mari mannequins. The mannequins will move towards Omori, distorting and screeching at him if they come in contact with him. Their touch will actually damage Omori, lowering his health, although they cannot kill him and will simply leave his health at one. Leaving the area and returning will reset the event, restoring the toast slices.

After touching the toast, a textbox will appear on occasion asking Omori to "look at what [he's] done."


Faces of Omori

Entering the ladder on the left will lead to a dark room. The background of this room continually scrolls, and, as the name implies, features Omori's faceset spritesheet. The room also has three red orbs in the background, guarded by red-eyed faces. Leaving this room by going to the left or the right will bring you back to Red Maze, or alternatively will return you to the Last Resort if accessed through the doll there.

Room with Hellmari

Small room with a ladder

Climbing down the ladder on the right side of the maze will lead to a small room with another ladder in the middle.

While Omori won't seem to be making any progress as you continue down, he will nonetheless meet Daddy Longlegs after climbing down 19 times. He will warn him to turn back "while you still can."

Should Omori ignore his warning and continue going down, after climbing down another 19 ladders, Omori will find a strange object that vaguely resembles a toybox. Nothing will happen if he interacts with it.

Going down three more times from here will result in him being taken to the Room with Hellmari.

Climbing back up at any point will return you to the Red Maze, regardless of how far down Omori was.

Room with Hellmari

A seemingly empty, black void. About nine seconds after entering, Hellmari will drop down from above and begin stalking Omori. There is nothing else of note in this room, and it can be left any time by going to the left edge, or by walking to the bottom of the room.


Daddy Longlegs: "Ah... you've come a long way down. But you should turn back while you still can."

"Look at what you've done."

Alternative Entrances

The Faces of Omori area can be entered after defeating Humphrey. To access it, simply throw the faceless doll on the second floor of the Last Resort in the trash three times, return to where it originally was and look into its empty eyes.


  • The small rooms Omori visits on the way to the Room with Hellmari all notably use the same wallpaper as Sunny's house.
  • The words "kill me" can be found spelt with wall tiles towards the bottom right of the maze.
  • This is not the only Black Space room to contain this phrase.
  • Additionally, the outline of a noose can be seen in the middle, and the outline of a figure can be seen in the bottom left.
  • This room is referred to as "Hell" several times in the game's code.
  • This is most likely a reference to Yume Nikki's 'Hell' area, which is also depicted as a large, red maze filled with 'enemies' that chase Madotsuki.
  • In the Room with Hellmari, the screen will shake when Hellmari lands. This is very difficult to notice, because the room is extremely poorly lit.
  • Prior to version 1.0.5, if Omori chose to stab himself in the Room with Hellmari, Hellmari would follow him out, and would accompany him anywhere in the game until he returned back to the room and left it properly.


  • The Faces of Omori room's background uses an older version of Omori's spritesheet. This can be determined by careful examination; the background features Omori's otherwise removed Afraid emotion.
  • From this, one may reach the conclusion that this map was made relatively early in development.
  • After the slices of toast are touched, the "Look at what you've done" line will have a 50% chance of appearing every 15 seconds.