Weathervane Area

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Weathervane Area, or, "Lost Forest 2 (Water)".

The Weathervane Area also known as "Lost Forest 2 (Water)" is an area found in Black Space. It can be accessed through one of the doors in the Black Space 2 hub area. There is a weathervane found near the center of the room which can be interacted with to change its direction to either north, east, or west, and allow access to different parts of the map.


Shallow Sea

The Shallow Sea can be accessed by walking into one of the scribbled figures at the top of the map. The direction the weathervane is pointing to doesn't matter.
Walking left from here will simply bring you back to the Weathervane Area. Walking to the bottom of the map yields the same result.
Continuously walking right will eventually take you to another room which contains a purple ladder, but is otherwise identical. Climbing to the top of the ladder will also return you back to the Weathervane Area.

Small Repeating Room

The door to the Small repeating room can be accessed while the weathervane is pointing east. Walking north through the rooms will eventually cause a statue of a woman to spawn in the center of the room that usually turns to face Omori. If Omori steps behind her, she will distort and face forward.
If the player continues walking through the rooms the floor will disappear, and then the room will become darker.

Hideous Creature Room

At the end of the Small Repeating Room sequence is a dark room with a large, blob like creature in the back of it. Interacting with the blob will bring up the text "Brother... I'm so glad you're here..." Exiting the room will return Omori back to the Weathervane Area.

Alternative Entrances

  • Riding the raft down the river three times after collecting the key in the Raft Area will warp Omori here.
  • After defeating Abbi, the player will be able to walk past her to the other end of the room. Doing this will warp Omori to the Weathervane Area.

Cut Warps

  • There once was a door that lead to Lost Forest. It is unknown why it was cut.
  • There is yet another door that lead to map titled "Othermart?". It looks like it was cut early in development due to it having a different layout than the current othermart but otherwise having no other changes.
  • Some headstones could be found south of Aubrey, if one would interact with a specific one, they would have been teleported to "Remina", a room that further leads to Water Walkway.


  • Kel, Aubrey, and Hero can all be found on different corners of the map. It is impossible to get too close to them, as the game will always teleport the player a few steps back upon walking within a certain distance of them. Each of their sprites can be changed to scribbled drawing versions of themselves by triggering certain events.
    • Aubrey is on the west side, and can have her sprite changed by triggering the Aubery School event in either Lost Forest or TV Girl's television.
    • Hero can be seen on the east side of the map, and has his sprite changed by obtaining the 'Key' ingredient item from Hero in the Kitchen within Water Walkway.
    • Kel is located on the south side of map. His sprite can be changed by having accessed the Money Room room in Cloud Walkway.
  • If Basil is edited into the party, Kel, Aubrey and Hero will disappear, along with the glitch effects that happen if Omori gets close to them.
  • The statue in the small repeating room appears to be that of Sunny's Mom. It's sprite is labeled as "bs_mom" in the game files.
  • The blob of flesh in the Hideous Creature room is internally referred to as Mari.


Map of Weathervane Area
Map of Small Repeating Room
Map of Shallow Sea