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DW Sprite Hitchhiker.gif
location Underwater Highway
role Grants access to The Abyss

Hitchhiker is an NPC in OMORI. They can be found in the Underwater Highway and grants the player access to The Abyss.


Hitchhiker does not appear to serve any significant purpose in the game's story.


If the player talks to the Hitchhiker

* Hello, children. Uhuhuhu...! May I interest you in a curiosity? I know of a place... you may have heard of it.
* It goes by many names... The "Dark Void"... the "Deep Pit", the "Shadowy Chasm"...
* Here in the Deep Well, we call it the "Abyss".
* It's just past the end of the highway. Would you like me to take you there?

If the player talks to the Hitchhiker in The Abyss

* We're here...
* Did you want to go back to Deep Well?