Big Yellow Cat

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Big Yellow Cat is an NPC in OMORI. He is 'The Favorite' of the three great creatures and serves as a guardian to look after Omori.



The Big Yellow Cat is a large, yellow cat with purple eyes and outline. He watches over Omori in Neighbors room and Neighbor's bedroom, both literally and metaphorically. His eyes follow Omori's position in the room.
He has a striking resemblance to the calendar in the Treehouse in the real world, and some play equipment in Faraway park.



Before the creation of Headspace, the Big Yellow Cat was the favorite of Sunny's three imaginary friends when he became a Hikikomori following Mari's death. He was considered Sunny's favorite as he was inspired by the play structure Sunny used to play with from Faraway park. He was later chosen to look after him whenever Omori entered Neighbor's room to play with the dream versions of Aubrey, Kel, and Hero. In the present, he continues his duty to keep the dreamer safe, waiting for something to happen.


"Sleep, little one. You are safe with me."

- Big Yellow Cat

"The last and favorite, the Big Yellow Cat, was chosen to watch over the Dreamer's most precious room. He remains the Dreamer's favorite even to this day... watching diligently... waiting for something to happen."

- Branch Coral