Abbi's Eye

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Abbi's Eye
Abbi eye.png
HP.png heart -90%
MP.png juice -99%
attack 40
defense 0
speed 40
luck 40
hit 100%

Abbi's Eye is a charm in OMORI. When equipped, the user will always cast Observe at the end of their turn, allowing characters other than Omori to predict what enemies will do.


Abbi's remains. Predicts who a foe
will target at the start of battle.


After defeating Abbi, refuse her pleas for mercy and kill her.


  • It is generally recommended to spare Abbi instead of killing her. Abbi's Eye is a very situational accessory compared to the ultimate weapons and accessories given by her tentacles if she is spared, which are overall much more useful and less situational.
  • Prior to 1.0.8, equipping this Charm onto Omori would make render him functionally invincible due to quirks in how Omori's 'plot armor' hit was calculated.