Abbi's Eye

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Abbi's Eye
Abbi eye.png
heart -90%
juice -99%
attack 40
defense 0
speed 40
luck 40
hit 100%

Abbi's Eye is a charm in OMORI, this charm has the unique effect of making the user cast Observe at the end of every turn while in combat, allowing observe to be used by characters other than Omori.


Abbi's remains. Predicts who a foe
will target at the start of battle.


Found after choosing to kill Abbi in the depths of the Abyss.


  • Despite being a very powerful item with various uses, it's more optimal to choose to spare Abbi instead, as the charms and Weapons found this way are much better.
  • Prior to 1.0.8, it was possible to use this item to turn Omori invincible, as his health would be so low that he would never be below the amount of health to trigger his plot armor, allowing him to keep the immortal tag.