Water Walkway

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The "Water Walkway" or "The Docks"

The Water Walkway also known as "The Docks" is an area found in Black Space. It can be accessed through one of the doors in the Black Space 2 hub area.


Corrupted Junkyard

The Corrupted Junkyard is a distorted and corrupted version of the Junkyard found in the top right corner. More info on its own page.

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea is a collection of rooms. More info on its own page.

Red Maze

The Red Maze is a maze populated by toast, that once touched, will turn into Hellmari. More info on its own page.

Mari is home

Mari is home is a special area that is similar to Sunny's house that can only be accessed while on the True or Mixed Route. More info in its own page.

The Kitchen

A pot can be found immediately after heading south at the starting point. Interacting with this pot will bring you to the kitchen. In this kitchen is Hero and he will ask for something for him to cook.

When brought ☐☐☐, he will cook it, turning it into ☐☐ ☐☐. After this has been done for the third time, he will give you a 'Key' ingredient instead. Obtaining this item will change his sprite in the Weathervane Area.

Alternative Entrances

  • If the players waits 143 seconds in the Backyard Area, Omori will be able to jump off the missing ground tiles. Doing this will bring him to this area and unlock Mari is home if on the True Route or Mixed Route.
  • If the player interacts with the hidden doors in Static Void that appear at the top of the map after it darkens, they will be brought here. Doing this will also unlock Mari is Home if they are on the Mixed Route.


  • Ayee, the othermart lady, can be found walking around if on the true route.
  • There is a door that is blocked by cobwebs. Slashing them will cause them to immediately respawn, but if Omori slashes the cobwebs 9 times in a row, they will stay destroyed, allowing him to access the door. However, Omori will still refuse to open it out of fear.
  • Hero actually doesn't turn ☐☐☐ into ☐☐ ☐☐, he just gives Omori one ☐☐☐ per item cooked.
  • There was once a door here that lead to Static Void, it was unknown how to access it. In a future version, the event for it got deleted entirely.
  • The Water Walkway has no music track set to play. As a result, entering it from Black Space 2's hub will result in no music playing whatsoever.
  • The track "Normal." was once supposed to be played here but was ultimately cut. The song was moved to the true route, playing when Sunny wakes up after remembering the truth. The internal name of "Normal," "bs_loop9," reveals the track's original intention as a Black Space track.
  • Due to the lack of background music, entering this area via Backyard Area will cause the previous track, Glade, to play throughout the area.
  • A set of swings with a younger version of both Sunny and Aubrey can be found near the door to Mari Is Home, if it should be there.