Lost at Sea

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Lost at sea.

Lost at Sea is an area found in Black Space. It can be accessed through a boat in Water Walkway.


Lost at sea is collection of rooms that is sea themed. It can be accesses through interacting with the boat in the lower right corner of Water Walkway.
First Omori has to swim through a small section with ladders. Then he'll get warped to the big black sea.


Lost at sea I

A long stretch of sea that goes north. It's raining and a lighthouse's foghorn is blaring in the background. Waiting for roughly 30 seconds will teleport Omori to the next map.

Lost at sea II

Almost the same as the room prior, expect that there's now land at the top with a well that can be entered.

Endless Well

A long ladder inside the well.

Two Beds

At the bottom of the ladder is a room with two beds. Interacting with the left one will cause Omori to push it away, revealing another ladder.

I'm Sorry

Interacting with the ladder will bring you to a black void with blurred Blackletters in the middle. If Omori goes near them, the blackletters will become readable, spelling out "Im sorry".
Walking out of this room will put you back into the room with the two beds.


  • The room with the two beds could resemble Sunny's room, with the left bed being Mari's and the right one being Sunny's.