Neighbor's Room

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Neighbor's Room
accessible via White Space
role Dreamer's favorite room

Home of Omori's friends

route Both

Neighbor's Room is a location in OMORI. Directly adjacent to White Space, it is where Omori's friends live, and additionally where every adventure in Headspace begins.


Neighbor's Room is a very colorful room that strongly resembles the treehouse in Sunny's backyard. At the start of almost every dream, Omori and his friends will meet up here before setting off into Headspace.

A friendly snake by the stairway will give Omori an allowance of Clams before he sets off at the start of every dream. His allowance increases as the game goes on.

The door at the bottom leads back to White Space. Following the staircase up will lead to the Vast Forest.

The counter features various trinkets, like dolls and toys, and most notably, a photo of someone familiar.

The room also has a television displaying a movie, flowers, a deck of cards, which Omori can interact with to play cards with his friends, and one of Abbi's tentacles in the bottom left corner.

The Big Yellow Cat watches over the room and its inhabitants and a tree has grown into the room.


Map of Neighbor's Room



  • The Big Yellow Cat's Eyes follow Omori around the room.
  • The clock on the wall reads 6:10 or 2:30, depending on the way one reads the clock hands.
  • Neighbor's Room is consistently spelled with its British English spelling (Neighbour's Bedroom) in the game's files.
  • In an earlier version of the game, Omori and his friends were stopped by the snake. He told them that it is hungry and that it has seen a pest scurrying behind the tree.[1]