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Items are a important part of OMORI both inside and outside of combat. In-game, they can be found under the "equips" and "pocket" tabs in the menu. Items are separated into the following categories:

  • Charms: Charms are equippable items that any party member can equip, boosts stats and/or apply emotions to the user at the start of a battle.
  • Weapons: Weapons are equippable items that Omori and his friends use to attack. Unless they are using specific charms that boost hit rating, it's impossible to hit any target without the use of weapons. Each character can only equip weapons assigned to them, being knives for Omori, toys for Aubrey, balls for Kel, and kitchenware for Hero.
  • Toys: Toys are consumable items that can be used in combat, causing a variety of effects to either the party or the enemy. These effects may include dealing damage, changing emotions, or applying debuffs.
  • Snacks: Snacks are consumable items, applying buffs to the party or healing HP.png or MP.png. Snacks can be used outside of combat.
  • Important items: Important items, or just "Important" as seen in game, are key items for quests or other items that don't fall into the above categories. Some important items are also usable outside of combat, like Hero's Foe Facts! and the Emotion Chart.