Bossman Hero (Enemy)

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Bossman Hero (Enemy)
HP.png heart 8000
MP.png juice 8000
attack 70
defense 80
speed 10
luck 45

This article is about Bossman Hero, the boss. For the playable character, see Hero. For his battle in the Boss Rush, see Hero (Enemy).

Bossman Hero is a boss exclusive to console versions of OMORI. He is automatically fought after obtaining the Giant Check from Mr. Jawsum on the last day of the Omori route.


"Happy? Don't be silly, Kel.
—Bossman Hero

The build-up to the battle with Bossman Hero plays out almost identically to the original version, where Hero gains ownership of the Last Resort along with the Giant Check. However, the party will instead encourage Hero to experiment with his newfound power as the Last Resort's owner. Once the reality of his new status dawns upon him, Hero, now under the moniker of Bossman Hero, snaps after the power goes to his head, becoming a greedy, amoral venture capitalist, and even takes on some of Mr. Jawsum's traits, such as his style of laughter and his poor treatment of his Gator Guy employees.

After provoking his friends with offers to work for him with no pay, much like Mr. Jawsum had tried to, they ultimately decide to fight him in an attempt to snap him back to his normal self.

Once Bossman Hero is defeated, Aubrey will snap him out of his delusional state by repeatedly bashing his head with her bat, before she and Omori storm off. Kel will simply ask if Hero is "proud of himself" before following them, leaving a confused and apologetic Hero to rush after his friends, not remembering his actions as Bossman Hero.


True to his claim that "bosses don't feel emotions," Bossman Hero's emotion cannot be changed.

Similar to the battle with Mr. Jawsum, Bossman Hero himself is flanked by two Gator Guys who will fight alongside Hero. Unlike Mr. Jawsum, Bossman Hero will also attack on occasion.

Bossman Hero will never respawn his Gator Guys if they are defeated. As such, quickly eliminating both of them will both reduce the amount of attacks Omori's party will receive every turn, as well as prevent them from accepting his contracts if Omori refuses one.


Throughout the battle, Bossman Hero will occasionally offer the party contracts, allowing them to, for instance, fully heal themselves in exchange for Bossman Hero buffing both himself and his Gator Guys. The deals are random and are detailed below, but they will always have one "good" aspect and one "bad" aspect. If the party doesn't take a contract, there is a 25% chance a Gator Guy will take it instead, if any are alive.

As an example, a potential deal may read as:

Friends! Let's make a deal...
I will increase your stats, but...
I will recover your foes to full heart!

In this instance, if Omori accepts the contract, the party will be buffed, at the cost of Bossman Hero fully healing himself and his Gator Guys.

If Omori turns down the contract and a Gator Guy takes it instead, Bossman Hero will buff himself and his Gator Guys, and will fully heal Omori and his friends: Since a Gator Guy took the deal, the party is considered "their foes."

If a Gator Guy accepts a contract that gives Bossman Hero ten Whole Pizzas, they will eat them, healing them by 2,500 HP.png. As such, if this deal appears, it may be worth taking it to prevent Bossman Hero from healing.

{{{size1}}} 40% chance to do a normal attack.

35% chance to throw a bag of clams, inflicting 200 HP.png of damage to someone. Omori's party will gain 200 Clams.png. Observe.png

Otherwise, he will fling clams, damaging everyone by 20% HP.png. Omori's party will gain 600 Clams.png. Observe.png
10,000 exp
10,000 Clams.png


Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def] (default).

Throws Money: 200 damage to the party member that was hit. There is a 20 percent variation rate on this. Observe.png

Flings Money: (Party's max HP x 0.20). Hits all party members. Observe.png

Hero's offers: As stated before, Hero will present you with his offers. All of these buffs and debuffs can be applied to both friends and foes. These are some of the interactions that can happen if you accept his offers:

  • 100 percent Crit: All Friends/Foes attacks will hit in the heart for one turn.
  • Damaging: All Friends will have their juice and heart reduced by 50 percent by their max heart. (Target's HP x 0.50). However, when this attack is used on foes, the foes will take 1000 damage and lose 10 percent of their juice.
  • Making Target Sad: All Friends/Foes will become Sad.
  • Making Target Angry: All Friends/Foes will become Angry.
  • Making Target Happy: All Friends/Foes will become Happy.
  • Debuffing Stats: Friends will have their attack, speed, and defense lowered down by three tiers. However, foes will only have their attack, speed, and defense lowered by one-tier.
  • Buffing Stats: Friends will have their attack, speed, and defense raised by one tier. Foes will have their attack, speed, and defense raised by three tiers.
  • Heals All: Friends/Foes have their heart fully restored.
  • Pizza Party: All foes regain 2,500 heart.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

  • Bossman Hero attacks [target]!
  • Bossman Hero throws a bag of clams. [Target] takes 200 damage!
  • Bossman Hero throws clams at everyone!


Offering Contracts

Hero: Friends! Let's make a deal...

Good aspects

 Hero: Your attacks will hit right in the heart this turn, but...
 Hero: I will make you Happy, but...
 Hero: I will make you Sad, but...
 Hero: I will make you Angry, but...
 Hero: I will give you 10 Whole Pizzas, but...
 Hero: I will give you 100,000 clams, but...
 Hero: I will heal your heart, but...
 Hero: I will increase your stats, but...
 Hero: I will reduce your foe's stats, but...

Bad aspects

Hero: I will recover your foes to full heart!
Hero: Your foe's attacks will hit right in the heart next turn!
Hero: I will take all of your clams!
Hero: I will make your foes Sad!
Hero: I will make your foes Happy!
Hero: I will make your foes Angry!
Hero: I will reduce your stats!
Hero: I will increase your foe's stats!
Hero: I will reduce your heart and juice by 50 percent of your max heart and juice!

When Defeated

Hero: Friends...Let's make a de...Huff...Huff...Wheeze...

When defeating the player

Hero: Sorry, should have taken my offer when you had the chance!



  • Amusingly, checking your party stats after the battle is concluded will reveal that Hero's HP.png was reduced to one, and that all of his MP.png was drained.