The Maverick (enemy)

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The Maverick (enemy)
Maverick Enemy (Neutral).gif
HP.png heart 375
MP.png juice 125
attack 13
defense 5
speed 18
luck 15
This article is about The Maverick as an enemy character. For the non-playable character, see The Maverick.

The Maverick serves as a mini-boss enemy in OMORI for the Sunny Route. He is fought near the fountain of Faraway Plaza on Three Days Left.


After learning that Aubrey has stolen the Photo Album, Sunny and Kel decide to interrogate each member of the Hooligans for Aubrey's whereabouts. Once Angel and Charlene are dealt with, the boys head over to Faraway Plaza, only to find Mikhael charming his "admirers" nearby the fountain at Faraway Plaza.

Kel askes him where Aubrey is but he refuses to answer unless they fight him, which leads to the realization that the "date" he had was simply him paying his "admirers" ten dollars to hang out with him. Regardless of the outcome, Mikhael doesn't elaborate further on Aubrey's location, which leads to Kel telling Sunny to leave him behind.


Regardless of whether the player defeats him or not, the outcome will still progress the story.
The Maverick acts uniformly regardless of emotion

{{{size1}}} 70% chance of doing a normal attack.

15% chance of doing nothing.

25% chance of using charm to lower a target’s attack.

Else, The Maverick will turn the target angry by teasing them.

Like many other Faraway enemies, The Maverick will prioritize Kel as it will always target the highest speed party member.


Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def], this attack will never hit right in the heart.

Smile: Lowers a target's attack by one tier.

Taunt: Turns the target angry.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* The Maverick hits [target]!
* The Maverick starts bragging to his adoring fans!
* The Maverick smiles seductively!
* The Maverick starts making fun of [target]!

Starting battle

 * The Maverick: Oh Kel, you pitiful fool... You don't stand a chance against The Maverick!

During battle

  • 75% HP.png:
 * The Maverick: Hmph... Not bad...
 * The Maverick: But this fight's just getting started!
  • 60% HP.png:
 * The Maverick: Heh, as expected of my rival!
 * The Maverick: But I must tell you... While you were fooling around and playing sports...
 * The Maverick: I was honing my techniques just for this moment.
 * The Maverick: You'll never reach my level of skill!
 * The Maverick: You're going down, Kel!
  • 50% HP.png:
 * The Maverick: Ha! Is that all you've got!?
 * The Maverick: I've only been using 10% of my power!
 * The Maverick: BEHOLD... MY FINAL FORM!
  • 40% HP.png:
 * The Maverick: I bet you're regretting your decision now!
 * The Maverick: I'm just way too cool for you...
 * The Maverick: You're nothing but a loser!
  • 30% HP.png:
 * The Maverick: It's only... Huff... a matter of time before you tire yourselves out!
 * The Maverick: My victory is imminent!
  • 20% HP.png:
 * The Maverick: Huff... I'll admit... I'm impressed... but you're still light years away from defeating me!
  • 10% HP.png:
 * The Maverick: Huff... Huff...
 * The Maverick: No... This is impossible! Improbable!
 * The Maverick: Absolutely inconceivable!

When defeated

 * The Maverick: Huff... Huff... Huff... Wheeze...
 * The Maverick: Huff... Huff... Wheeze...
 * The Maverick: Gah... No... I won't let it end like this!

When defeating the player

 * The Maverick: Wait... I won? I mean...
 * The Maverick: As expected! Haha! Fear me for I am The Maverick!



  • Many of The Maverick's quotes references the anime Dragon Ball Z, notably when he attempts to "summon" a Spirit Bomb after being defeated and mentioning his "final form".
  • The Maverick is one of the two Hooligan members that are fought individually, the other being Aubrey.
  • The Maverick was originally meant to have different emotion states like the other Faraway enemies but this wasn't fully used in-game.
    • However, one can still access these states by hacking through mods.