Angel (enemy)

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Angel (enemy)
Angel Enemy (Neutral).gif
HP.png heart 130/150
MP.png juice 65/75
attack 10/15
defense 3/6
speed 15/18
luck 30/30
This article is about Angel as an enemy character. For the non-playable character, see Angel.

Angel serves as a mini-boss enemy in OMORI for the Sunny Route. He is fought alongside Charlene on Three Days Left and later fought alone on Two Days Left.


After learning that Aubrey has stolen the Photo Album, Sunny and Kel decide to interrogate each member of the Hooligans for Aubrey's whereabouts. The two first head to Faraway Park and find Charlene, who then reveals Angel hiding in one of the trees. Kel askes both of them where Aubrey is but Angel challenges them to a fight instead. Charlene silently backs up Angel against the two but doesn't do anything unless provoked.

If Angel loses by himself, he demands a rematch but only after Kel threatens blackmail that Angel reluctantly tells the two to ask his master, The Maverick, for more info on Aubrey's whereabouts.

The next day, Angel returns to his room inside of his sister's house during the evening. Upon interacting with him, Angel will ask for a rematch. Should Sunny and Kel accept the rematch, this will lead to another mini-boss fight. Regardless of the outcome, Angel admits that he was only testing their skills while noting he strives to become stronger the next time they fight.


Angel has two variants that can only be fought in Faraway park on Three days left as well as Artist's House on Two days left

Regardless of whether the player defeats Angel or not, the outcome will still progress the story.
Angel acts uniformly regardless of emotion

{{{size1}}} 75% chance of doing a normal attack.

25% chance of doing nothing.

45% chance of doing his teleport attack.

Else, Angel will turn the target sad by teasing them

Like many other Faraway enemies, Angel and Charlene will prioritize Kel as it will always target the highest speed party member.

Defeating Angel during his first encounter will immediately end the fight as defeating Charlene isn't that necessary to progress the outcome.


Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def], this attack will never hit right in the heart.

"Teleport": [2 * a.atk - b.def], this attack will never hit right in the heart.

Tease: Turns the target sad.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Angel swiftly strikes [target]!
* Angel does a flip and strikes a pose!
* Angel teleports behind [target]!
* Angel says mean things about [target]!

During battle

  • 50% HP.png:
 * Angel: Heh. You surprise me, Kel!
 * Angel: You would make a worthy rival for my master!

When defeated

 * Angel: Sniff.. You… You'll pay for this...

When defeating the player

 * Angel: My master has taught me well!


  • Before using his "Teleport" attack:
 * Angel: I just learned this move from my Master… You two are in for it now!!
 * Angel: FWWWWWAAA!!!



  • Angel is one of the two Hooligan members that are fought twice, the other being Aubrey.
  • Angel was originally meant to have different emotion states like the other Faraway enemies but this wasn't fully used in-game.
    • However, one can still access these states by hacking through mods.