Mari is home

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Mari is home

Mari is home is an area found in Black Space. It can be accessed in Water Walkway, so long as Sunny has gone outside at least once.


Mari is home, and by extension the Red Room, can normally only be accessed through a secret in the Backyard Area.
Mari is home closely resembles Sunny's home, but with minor changes, most drastically to the piano room.

How to enter

True Route

  1. Make sure that you are on the true route. Alternatively, the area can still be accessed if you have 'abandoned' the true route by ignoring Kel on Two Days Left and going back to bed.
  2. Progress normally up until to the Backyard area.
  3. There, collect the key, wait 143 seconds and jump off the missing tiles.
  4. After you get warped into an empty void, head up and interact with the only object in said void.
  5. Afterward, head south from the door that leads to the corrupted junkyard to find a set of swings with a door near it. This door leads to the event.

Mixed Route

  1. If on an abandoned true route, the event can be accessed from the Water Walkway normally after defeating the Lost Library phobias and gaining access to Black Space 2. The door will exist so long as you went outside at least once.
  2. You can access through the former way, collecting the key in the Backyard area, waiting 143 seconds and jump off the missing tiles.
  3. Otherwise, if the player enters the Water Walkway from Static Void, then they'll be able to enter Mari is Home normally.
  • NOTE: The game will crash if Red Room is left after entering it with this method.

Notable maps

Mari is home

Sunny's living room is barren and derelict; the walls are scratched, and much of the furniture is missing. The stairwell room is completely missing the closet.

Sunny's bedroom

An enormous Stranger towers over the room, leering in. Omori's sketchbook can be found in the lower left corner, but it cannot be interacted with. Otherwise, the room looks the same as Sunny's normal bedroom.


The bathroom is a lot smaller, featuring only a bathtub and a noose.

Piano Room

The piano room has no window. Kel, Aubrey and Hero can be found here, cryptically talking about Mari's arrival back home, and their belief that she is shunning them. Near them, in place of the grand piano, is a trapdoor that leads into the Corridor.


A small hallway underneath the Piano Room. There is a door at the bottom; interacting with it will reveal that Mari is behind the door. After a bit of empty dialogue, the game will give Omori a choice to open the door or to ignore her.

If Omori ignores her and walks away, Mari will break in as Hellmari and chase him. If she catches him, she will throw him out of the house, putting him back at the Water Walkway. Omori can reenter the house by going back into the door, but much of the area will have changed in his absence.

If Omori chooses to let her in, he will slowly open the door, akin to Sunny opening the door for Mari in the Prologue. The Red Room is behind the door, which Omori will enter.

Red Room

A big expansive room filled with tree stumps with knives in them. Near the tree stumps are flower crowns. Exactly in the middle, Omori can climb up an invisible ladder and access a closed off area of the room. In this area, there are several somethings enclosed by fences.


Aubrey: "Hey, Omori... I think your sister is ignoring us. Maybe you should go talk to her."

Kel: "We can't have a picnic without Mari!"

Hero: "Mari hasn't been home in a long time... She just needs some room to adjust."


  • Several things in this area change altogether if Omori either ignores the door and is caught by Hellmari, or revisits the area after entering the Red Room.[1]
  • Something appears in the kitchen.
  • This particular sighting appears to be glitched, as Something's animation doesn't play out properly, and the typical laughter plays at 1% volume.
  • Mari appears in Sunny's room. She refuses to face Omori, seemingly shunning him.
  • Kel, Aubrey and Hero will no longer be in the piano room. The trapdoor will also be covered by the grand piano that typically occupies the room. This notably means that the Red Room cannot be revisited, and cannot be visited at all should Omori ignore the door.
  • All the doors in the hallway leading to Sunny's room, the bathroom and his mother's bedroom will be hanging open.


  • When Mari speaks to Omori in the Corridor, her dialogue is internally stored as multiple RPGMaker 'empty' characters.
  • The sprites for Kel, Hero, and Aubrey in the piano room will change dependent on the current route. On a Sunny or Mixed route, they will appear as their real-world selves, while on an Omori route, they will appear as their dream selves.
  • As the room cannot be accessed on an Omori route, the only way to see the dream selves is through cheating.
  • Curiously, even though Sunny has not met Hero at this point on a Mixed route, he will still appear as his real-world self.
  • Mari will always appear as her real-world self regardless of route.
  • The Red Room bares striking similarity to Red Space, down to sharing the same background and strange, droning ambience.
  • There is code that suggests that the Red Room was originally intended to be visited through a blackletter hole.
  • If the Red Room was accessed through this, the "Something zoo" at the very top would be impossible to access, and the knives embedded in the stumps would be absent.
  • If the Water Walkway, and by extension Mari is home, is visited through the Static Void link, the Red Room will have a number of differences, most of which appear to be glitches:
  • The Something zoo will be impossible to access, as Omori cannot climb the ladder.
  • Attempting to leave the Red Room will crash the game due to an unflipped switch triggering an incorrect event.
  • If Omori walks to the very top of the Something zoo in the Red Room and remains there, an overlay - one of the fear ones featuring eyes - will eventually appear. It will remain until Omori steps away.
  • This room forcefully equips the Knife on Omori, overriding any other weapon he might've had, including the Red Knife.
  • One knife is assigned the wrong sprite on the spritesheet, making it a TV instead.
  • There are events hidden in the void on the left of the entrance. They can only be accessed via cheating.[2]
  • Their location implies that the Red Room was, in development, slightly wider than it is in the final version.
  • The bathtub was supposed to disappear after the player left Red Room or got caught by Mari.