Mailbox (character)

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Mailbox is a NPC that is the main shop in Headspace. It can be found in most areas,each with their own array of items


Forest Playground:Candy,Apple Juice,Jacks,Present

Otherworld:Smores,Cherry Soda,Banana,Smoothie, Rubber Band,Sparkler,Life Jam

Orange Oasis:Waffle,Pancake,Berry Smoothie,Air Horn,Life Jam

Pyrefly Forest: Nachos,Popcorn,Tasty Soda,Tomato, Dandelion,Life Jam

Last Resort:Rotten Milk,Fish Taco,Fries,Peach Soda, Melon Smoothie,Life Jam

Boss Rush:Cheeseburger,Whole Chicken,Orange Juice, Melon Smoothie,Sparkler,Poetry Book,Present, Confetti,Rain Cloud,Air Horn,Dandelion,Big Rubber Band,Dynamite