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Something Spiders.gif
HP.png heart 7500
MP.png juice 3000
attack 115
defense 35
speed 110
luck 30

This article is about Spiders as the optional Headspace boss. For the real-life counterpart, see Something in the Walls.

Fear of Spiders is an optional boss that can be fought during the epilogue of the Omori route. It represents Sunny's repressed arachnophobia. It can only be challenged in the Lost Library, after collecting the Sheet Music in Deeper Well.

Upon its defeat, Omori will suppress it, granting him the powerful Cripple skill, which inflicts a large amount of damage and massively reduces the Speed of all enemies on the field.


Spiders cannot have its emotion changed. Notably, unlike Heights and Drowning, the fight against Spiders has no particular gimmick.

It is one of very few enemies that does not react to Observe.

Something Spiders.gif 25% chance to wrap up and eat a target, inflicting damage.

15% chance to attempt to talk to the party, doing nothing.

20% chance to entangle someone in sticky webs, lowering their Speed by one tier.

Else, it will catch everyone, inflicting damage to the entire party.
10000 exp

1000 Clams.png[1]


Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def] (default).

Spin Web: decrease target's speed by one tier.

Attack All: [2 * a.atk - b.def] to all party.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Something wraps up and eats [target].
* Something is trying to talk to you...
* Something entangles [target] in sticky webs.
* Something catches everyone!



  • As with all Something related enemies, its body appears to be made out of dark clay.
  • Spiders has an unusually high Luck stat, meaning that it will hit in the heart more often than most enemies in the game.
  • Interestingly, Spiders has less HP.png and MP.png compared to its easier variant, Something in the Walls. However, the fight against Spiders is an actual battle, while the 'fight' against Something in the Walls is essentially a cutscene.


  1. Internally. In practice, due to the fight's abrupt end, Omori's team will not receive experience or Clams.