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This article is about Spiders as a boss in the dream world, for the real-life counterpart, go to Something in the Walls.

Fear of Spiders is an optional boss enemy the player can fight during the epilogue, it represents the player's repressed fear of spiders, as seen in the game during the second night. Supressing it in the dream world rewards Omori the 'Cripple' skill, a powerful skill that does high damage and decrease the target's speed by three tiers.


It has 7500 HP.png heart, 3000 MP.png juice, 115 attack, 35 defense, 110 speed and 30 luck. It is immune to emotions, and will behave as follow:

??? Behaviour
25% chance of doing a normal attack.

15% chance of doing nothing.

20% chance to spin a web, decreasing its speed.

else, it will always attack all, dealing attack damage to all party members.


Spiders ignores the effects of Observe Observe.png.

Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def] (default).

Spin Web: decrease target's speed by one tier.

Attack All: [2 * a.atk - b.def] to all party.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Something wraps up and eats [target].
* Something is trying to talk to you...
* Something entangles [target] in sticky webs.
* Something catches everyone!



  • Spiders does give 10000 exp and 1000 Clams.png clams. However, since the battle ends abruptly, the party does not receive it.
  • As with all "fear" beings, including Something itself, its body seems to be made of dark clay-like material.
  • Its high luck means it hits 'right in the heart' much more often than most enemies in the game.