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Something Heights.gif
HP.png heart 6000
MP.png juice 4000
attack 120
defense 100
speed 80
luck 10

This article is about Heights as the optional Headspace boss. For the real-life counterpart, see Something in the Dark.

Fear of Heights is an optional boss that can be fought in the epilogue of the Omori route. It represents Sunny's repressed acrophobia. It can only be challenged in the Lost Library after Sheet Music is collected in Deeper Well.

Upon its defeat, Omori will successfully suppress it, and gain the powerful Vertigo skill, which inflicts damage based on Omori's current speed and massively reduces the attack power of all enemies on the field.


Heights is immune to emotions. Omori and his friends will fall throughout the battle, effectively placing the battle under a time limit: The battle must be won within ten turns, or the team will hit the ground, inflicting 999 HP.png to everyone, instantly killing everyone and bypassing Omori's plot armor/"did not succumb" hit, ending the battle in defeat.

It is notably one of very few enemies that does not react to Observe.

Something Heights.gif 30% chance of striking a target, damaging them.

15% chance to taunt the party as they fall, doing nothing.

25% chance to summon hands to grab everyone, reducing everyone's attack by one tier.

30% chance to summon hands to surround it, increasing it's defense by one tier.

Else, it will shove a target, damaging them and turning them Afraid.
10000 exp

1000 Clams.png[1]


Heights ignores the effects of Observe Observe.png.

Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def]. This attack will never hit right in the heart.

Reduce all attack: decrease everyone's attack by one tier.

Defense up: increase its own defense by one tier.

Shove: [a.atk], also inflicting afraid. This attack will never hit right in the heart.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Something strikes [target].
* Hands appear and grab everyone!
* More hands appear and surround Something.
* Something shoves [target].
* Something taunts [target] as he falls.

Start of battle

* You are falling.
* [variable 10] turns left.

During battle

* [variable 1-9] turns left.
* You hit the ground.


* Something takes its anger out on everyone![2]



  • Interestingly, Heights has less HP.png and MP.png compared to its easier variant, Something in the Dark. However, the fight against Heights is an actual battle that can be won, whereas the 'fight' against Something in the Dark is effectively a cutscene.


  1. Internally. In practice, due to the fight's abrupt end, Omori's team will not receive experience or Clams.
  2. An unexisting "release anger" skill would use this action text.