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Something Drowning Shallow.png
HP.png heart 10300
MP.png juice 0
attack 84
defense 84
speed 70
luck 10

This article is about Drowning as a boss in the dream world, for the real-life counterpart, go to Something in the Water.

Fear of Drowning is an optional boss enemy the player can fight during the epilogue, it represents the player's repressed fear of Drowning, as seen in the game during the third day. Suppressing it in the dream world rewards Omori the 'Suffocate' skill, a skill that does a fixed 400 damage and decreases all targets' defense by three tiers.


It is immune to emotions

{{{size1}}} 40% chance of doing an attack, dealing 15% HP.png damage to a party member.

25% chance of doing nothing.

40% chance to drag down, dealing 50% HP.png damage to a party member and brings it deeper into the water.

else, it will create a whirlpool, dealing 10% HP.png damage to all party members and decrease their speed.

Additionally, As its HP.png drops, it will apply up to three stacks of the "Drowning" effect to itself, allowing him to use a different skill on the end of the turn:

  • Before it reaches 70% HP.png: It will use "drowning small", dealing 50 damage to all party.
  • Between 70% and 30% HP.png: It will use "drowning medium", dealing 100 damage to all party.
  • Below 30% HP.png: It will use "drowning big", dealing 150 damage to all party.

His appearance will also change, and as with all fear fights, all party members will also start afraid, except Omori, whom is immune to it.


Drowning ignores the effects of Observe Observe.png.

Attack: [.15 * Bmhp] (15% of target's maximum HP.png). This attack will never hit right in the heart and does not have damage variation.

Drag down: [.5 * Bmhp] (50% of target's maximum HP.png). This attack will never hit right in the heart and does not have damage variation.

Whirlpool: [.10 * Bmhp] (10% of target's maximum HP.png) to all party, also decrease the speed by one tier. This attack will never hit right in the heart.

Drowning has three versions, all of it affecting all party members, never hitting right in the heart and with no damage variation:

  • Small: [50].
  • Medium: [100].
  • Big: [150].

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Water pulls [target] in different directions.
* Something listens to [target]'s struggle.
* Something grabs' [target]'s leg and drags him down!
* Something creates a whirlpool.
* Everyone is having a hard time breathing.
* Everyone feels like passing out.

Start of battle

* The room fills with water.


* You feel like you can't breathe.


  • Drowning does give 10000 exp and 1000 Clams.png clams. However, since the battle ends abruptly, the party does not receive it.
  • Like its real world counterpart, Drowning also has 999 magical attack, despite being an unused stat.