'Key' Ingredient

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'Key' Ingredient
cost 0 Clams.png
HP.png heart 0 HP.png
MP.png juice 0 MP.png
id 0703

'Key' Ingredient is a snack in OMORI.


  • This item does not have a description.*


The 'Key' Ingredient is acquired after giving Hero at least three ☐☐☐ in the kitchen area of the Water Walkway. Hero will give Omori the 'Key' Ingredient should he deliver a fourth ☐☐☐.


  • While the 'Key' Ingredient is identified as a Snack in the game's coding, it cannot be eaten.
  • After receiving this item, Hero's sprite will change to a different version when approaching him in the Weathervane Area.
    • Apart from this, this item is effectively useless. While it was intended to allow access to the Herosaurus room in the Cloud Walkway, the room can be accessed without it.