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This article is about Ye Old Sprout as a character, for the boss battle, go to Ye Old Sprout (enemy). Beware small spoilers in the article.


Ye Old Sprout is the second boss the player encounter in the game, its appearance is of a much older and bigger Sprout Mole, with a mustache made of faded leaves.



He shows up right after finishing up the emotion tutorial[1], in front of Basil's Old Shoe house, deep in the Vast Forest, being fought (and killed) by the party, serving as a tutorial for the player to learn about follow ups[1] and release energy. The party will have some dialogues before starting combat:

* Basil: Ah! Not another Sprout Mole!
* Kel: It's all good, Basil! We got the hang of this by now! 

After the fight, They will continue:

* Hero: And there you have it... HERO's BATTLE TUTORIAL 101! And I'm sure that as we fight more battles, our teamwork will improve overtime!
* Basil: Wow, you guys! That was so amazing!
* Kel: Ah, that was nothin'... Heh, heh. I've taken down way bigger guys than that! I should teach you some of my skills one of these days!
* Aubrey: Basil... I know you're not the type that likes to fight... but it's good to know how to defend yourself too!
* Hero: You know... I've actually been working on a book all about battles! Maybe we can all study together next time. I'll give it to Omori to hold onto for now. 
* Hero: As we get stronger, I'll be updating the Follow-Up section of the Self-help Guide, so be sure to check it out every now and then!
* Hero: Omori, you should know... When we gain exp and level up, sometimes we'll also learn skills.
* Hero: skills are powerful and have a wide range of effects, but each of us can only remember up to 4 skills at a time.
* Hero: After you learn a new skill, don't forget to equip it from the player menu, okay?
* Kel: Yeah, yeah... We know! Can we go to Basil's house now?
* Hero: Okay! That's all I had to say! Patience, Kel...

Day 2

During the introduction cutscene for Sweetheart, Sprout Mole Mike honor Ye Old Sprout before starting the "Sweetheart's quest for hearts" show, playing a sad song before continuing it.

* Sprout Mole Mike: Before our show, we wanted to take a moment to honor the life of someone who has been an inspiration to us all. Our beloved leader, Ye Old Sprout.
* Sprout Mole Mike: He was truly the father that none of us deserved. Let us have a moment of silence in memory of him.
* ... ... ... ... ... 
* Sprout Mole Mike: May he rest in peace.


If the player does not open the door for Kel at the start of the game, Ye Old Sprout will be fought as the first boss on the Boss Rush, additionally, it can also be found slowy rotating in the Static Void[2] map of Black Space.

* You killed me...






  1. 1.0 1.1 To learn more about emotion and follow ups, go to Battle system.
  2. This can only be seen once per save file, as the player's unable to go back into the room.