Static Void

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Static Void

Static Void is a room in Black Space. One can enter this area by interacting with the big TV in the Sprout Mole Colony while Omori has the Universal remote equipped. This can only be done on the hikikomori route.


Static Void is a big room that features many Black Space related sprites. The room is a big grassy field with a big black rectangle in it.
In this rectangle are pinwheels and several sprites of enemies and characters that rapidly change and rotate, the only exception to this is Ye Old Sprout, who doesn't change sprites.

Outside of the rectangle are many objects found in other Black Space areas. Notably, a ladder, found north that leads somewhere off screen, and a big TV at the very bottom.

Omori is allowed to walk around in it for a little while before the rotating characters disappear, after a bit, he will disappear aswell. Waiting for even longer will reveal, that the rotating characters have turned into Mercis. Ye Old Sprout can be interacted with, doing so will cause him to ask Omori why he has killed him.


  • This room contains several sprites unique to this room, such as a watermelon and an alternative Black Space lightbulb.
  • Touching the dark figures would've lead to a battle with Merci.
  • There is code that suggests that this room could have been entered through a Blackletter hole.
  • Touching the Mercis will bring you back to the TV.
  • There is code that heavily suggests that there was another destination, this being the Abyss. More specifically, it would have been the room Abbi is in.

Hidden Warp

  • There are a lot of doors at the top of the rectangle that lead to Water Walkway. Due to the fact that everything becomes dark when they appear, they normally go unnoticed. It is very likely that the doors are an oversight.
  • If this is done on the Mixed Route, then the player can further proceed into Mari is Home. The player must be careful, though, since leaving Red Room after having taken this warp will crash the game.
  • In earlier builds of the game, there was a door that led back to Static Void in Water Walkway.