Tulip Hairstick

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Tulip Hairstick
Tulip hairstick.png
HP.png heart 50
MP.png juice 0
attack 0
defense 0
speed 0
luck 0
hit 0

Tulip Hairstick is a charm in OMORI. The party member wearing this hairstick gains 50% more experience in the end of the battle.


Plain, simple, and bulbous.


Exclusive to the epilogue, it will be avaiable to pickup in Basil's old shoehouse.


  • The tulip is the flower which Basil assigns to Sunny, other charms assigned to Hero, Aubrey and Kel are also located on the same room during the epilogue, these being the Rose Hairclip, Gladiolus Hairband and the Cactus Hairclip respectively.
  • The extra experience gained by using this charm is not shown in the end of the battle, but still seems to work as intended.