Big Strong Tree

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The Big Strong Tree is an unique hidden enemy found in Vast Forest, by interacting/running into a specific tree by the middle of the map left of the intersection to Basil's house, a battle will start.


The Big Strong Tree has 1000 HP.png heart, 500 MP.png juice, 999 attack, 999 defense, 1 speed and 999 luck, it will always skip its turn by doing nothing, however, due to the high defense, it tends to take no damage whatsoever from most attacks, turning the fight nearly impossible to be done at the usual level range the player is when first arrive in the Vast Forest.

The Big Strong Tree is immune to emotion changes, when defeated, it will reward the player with 500 exp and no Clams.png clams.

Action quotes

* A gentle breeze blows across the leaves.
* Big Strong Tree stands firm because it is a tree.


The Big Strong Tree's only image.


  • After being defeated, the tree will disappear and will not respawn.
  • Its one of the very few enemies that have two 'do nothing' skills, like the Download Window.