Abbi (enemy)

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This article is about Abbi as an enemy character. For the character, see Abbi.
Abbi (enemy)
Abbi (neutral).gif
HP.png heart 8000
MP.png juice 2500
attack 63
defense 76
speed 90
luck 20

Abbi is an optional boss that can be only be fought during the epilogue of the Omori route, located at the very bottom of The Abyss. The bottom of the Abyss, and by extension Abbi, can only be accessed after "losing" Hangman by collecting every letter, and then speaking to the Hitchhiker at the end of the Underwater Highway. She will be joined in the fight by five tentacles.


While Abbi's emotions can be changed, it will not affect her behavior in battle whatsoever, although it does affect the experience and Clam rewards:

Abbi (neutral).gif If less than five tentacles are in the battle, 70% chance to "focus her heart," reviving a tentacle.

If at least one other tentacle is alive, 35% chance to stretch her tentacles, making Abbi and all tentacles Angry and increasing their attack.

Otherwise, she will do a normal attack. Observe.png
20000 exp

10000 Clams.png
Abbi (happy).gif -- 20000 exp

15000 Clams.png
Abbi (sad).gif -- 15000 exp

7500 Clams.png
Abbi (angry).gif -- 30000 exp

10000 Clams.png

Additionally, everyone except Omori will start the battle Afraid.


Skills that can be used when observe is used against the target are marked with Observe.png.

Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def] (default). Observe.png

Revives tentacles: Summon a tentacle to assist her in combat.

Attack order: Increase the attack by one tier and turn all allies and herself angry.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Abbi attacks [target]!
* Abbi focuses her heart.
* Abbi stretches her tentacles.

During battle

  • 50% HP.png:
* Abbi: Ngh...

When defeated

* Abbi: Please... Spare Abbi...

When defeating the player

* Abbi: Goodbye...


* Abbi moves through the shadows...[1]



  • This fight notably is one of the very few that demonstrates Afraid's weakness to other emotions. In this case, Abbi and her tentacles are likely to land moving attacks against the Afraid party if they become Angry.
  • As with all "Something" related enemies, Abbi's body seems to be made of dark clay-like material.
  • If Omori uses Observe on Abbi every turn, she will only use her normal attack and will never revive or buff her tentacles, trivializing the battle.
  1. The unused "counter attack" skill uses this action text.