Ol' Reliable

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Ol' Reliable
[[File:OL' RELIABLE.png]]
user Hero
HP.png heart 20
MP.png juice 20
attack 20
defense 0
speed 0
luck 0
hit 100

Ol' Reliable is a weapon in OMORI. While using the Ol'reliable, any snacks used that restores heart /and or juice will be 50% more effective, this includes snacks used by other party members, even if Hero's toasted.


Hero's ultimate weapon. Snacks will
restore more heart and juice in battle.


Obtained after interacting with Abbi's Tentacle in Underwater Highway, nearby where the "S" Key is, this can only be done after sparing her, and will become unavaiable if the player decides to kill Abbi.


  • The Ol'Reliable applies both the Blender and the Frying Pan's effects, and also turns using items much more effective than most of his healing skills.