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Kite Kid is an NPC and a mini-boss in OMORI.


Kite Kid is found in the Vast Forest towards the end of a floating piece of land which is accessible by ladder. There will be red tracks leading to this ladder in an area past the playground. Omori must first overcome his fear of heights to scale the ladder.

Kite Kid is seen focused on flying his kite; interacting with him will prompt the player on whether to disturb him. Doing so begins the battle. After beating him in battle, the player can interact with the kite; this prompts the player on whether the party wants to fly kites.


Kite Kid fights alongside Kid's Kite. Only Kite Kid needs to be defeated to end the battle. Defeating Kid's Kite leaves the Kite Kid fighting, however, the latter will repair the former.


  • Kite Kid throws jacks at [X]! (Deals damage to one party member)
  • Kid's Kite dives at [X]! (Deals damage to one party member)
  • Kid's Kite swoops down! (Deals damage to all party members)
  • Kite Kid brags about Kid's Kite! Kite Kid feels happy! (Changes Kite Kid's emotion to happy)
  • Kite Kid repairs Kid's Kite. (Fully revives Kid's Kite between turns)


"I'm just a kid with his kite. We may not look like we have much, but we have an unbeatable bond. It's not just something anyone would understand. We'll show you how strong we are when we work together!"

- Before battle

"No...This can't be...The wind...It's getting weaker!"

- Nearly defeated

"Haha! As the wind predicted! Me and my kite are unbeatable."

- Upon losing to Kite Kid

"But me and my kite have an unbreakable bond...How could we lose?"

- Upon winning against to Kite Kid

"Maybe me and my kite should fly somewhere else..."

- Directly after battle

"I haven't told anyone before...but sometimes when I'm looking up at my kite, I catch a glimpse of a dark void in the sky from the corner of my eye. I used to see it very rarely, but these days it's been happening much more frequently. I wonder if it means anything..."

- After battle