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cost 0 Clams.png
HP.png heart 10% (of max juice) HP.png
MP.png juice 0 MP.png
id 0091

Coffee is a snack in OMORI. Using the coffee while in battle will buff the speed of the target in three tiers, increasing its total speed by 400% (200% on console versions).


Bitter bean juice. Increase a friend's speed.


Coffee can be acquired in the following ways:

  • This can be repeated an infinite amount of time, provided the player goes through 20 screen transitions.


  • This is the only way for the party to receive a speed buff in battle. If paired with skills that depend on the user's speed, it can cause a devastating amount of damage.
  • Coffee is the only beverage that heals HP instead of juice. It is believed to be an oversight.
  • Coffee's healing is affected by emotions instead of Hero's Blender and Ol' Reliable weapons. This is likely an oversight.