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The Wise Rock.

The Wise Rock is a character in OMORI, it's a Rock-like being with a shape that resembles a small woman from afar, being, in fact, just two rocks with face and moss as hair. Wise Rock can be found in one of the alcoves of the Vast Forest, the one nearby the bridge with the tentacle, it will remain there till the end, as it cannot move from its place.


Interacting with the Wise Rock will bring up an option to pay different prices for "useful" advices, which will lead to the following possible results, all with equal chance according to the price paid:

  • Interacting:
* Wise Rock: Hi, I'm the Wise Rock! I give solid advice in exchange for clams!
* Wise Rock: What kind of advice would you like me to give? (bring up the options)
* Wise Rock: ...Understood! Here is your advice. (when picking one of the options)
* Wise Rock: ... I hope this helps! (after the advice)
* Wise Rock: Feel free to come back anytime for advice! (end of the dialogue)
  • Paying 3 clams:
* Wise Rock: Anything is okay as long as you don't get caught!
* Wise Rock: Yell ALL THE TIME!!
* Wise Rock: When life gives you lemons... Start a Lemonade stand in front of a Train Station and give away complimentary train passes with each purchase of lemonade.
* Wise Rock: Listen to everyone's advice.
* Wise Rock: Don't be ugly.
  • Paying 10 clams:
* Wise Rock: Not all advice is good advice.
* Wise Rock: Never make eye contact while eating a banana.
* Wise Rock: It is not wise to listen to advice from a rock.
* Wise Rock: Your problems will catch up to you eventually.
* Wise Rock: There are approximately 238,900 miles between the Earth and the Moon.
  • Paying 30 clams:
* Wise Rock: Follow your heart, but remember to take your brain with you!
* Wise Rock: Do something today that you'll thank yourself for tomorrow!
* Wise Rock: Pain doesn't last forever.
* Wise Rock: Life is short, so smile while you still have teeth!
* Wise Rock: If opportunity does not knock, you can always build a door!


  • The lemon line said by it when paid 3 clams refers to the lemonade selling Jash at the Train Station.