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This article is about Something as an enemy entity. For the NPC, see Something.

Something is an enemy that can be fought during the end of the true route, represeting the truth Sunny's refused to face.


The battle consists of several phases using different enemies representing the truth, the first being Something itself with has 50 HP.png heart, 50 MP.png juice, 7 attack, 2 defense, 10 speed, and 10 luck, however, stats are meaningless in practice for all the variants that show up during it, as you are supposed to be using Sunny is various skills to endure it.

??? Behaviour
While on its original form, it will always drag Sunny into the shadows.

On its second form, it will do nothing.

on its third form, it will either attack, with a 35% chance, do nothing with 30% or if all else fails, throw its web.

On its fourth form, it will do nothing[1].

On its fifth form, it will remain to do nothing.

In its last form, it will always do heavy damage.

Something will morph into various forms as Sunny endures its pressure, following this pattern:

  • After two turns, it will turn into Something in the Dark (also turning Sunny afraid) until he can calm down.
  • After two more turns, it will turn into Something in the Walls (again, turning Sunny afraid), who will move immediately, existing until he focuses.
  • After two more turns, it will turn into Something in the Water (same as before), disappearing after Sunny persists.
  • After Sunny persists, a Blur will appear, shaking as Sunny focuses once more.
  • Lastly, a familiar hanging body will appear, remain like this until the end of the battle, after this, Sunny will be unable to attack anymore.

After three turns, Sunny will finally learn to overcome, using it flashes the screen white and ends the battle, allowing Sunny to continue his journey.


Engulf (True): [.3 * b.hp (30% of maximum HP.png) + 5], never hitting right in the heart.

Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def], never hitting right in the heart.

Spider webs: Decrease target's speed by one tier.

Nothing 1: [143], allows the chain of nothing skills seen below.

Nothing [2-12]: [.8 * b.hp (80% of current HP.png], with no variation or hitting right in the heart. This is a collection of 12 skills named "nothing" on the files, each applying a unique state to bring up dialogue before the end of the battle.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Something drags [target] into the shadows.
* Something taunts [target] as he falls.
* Something bites [target].
* Something is trying to talk to you...
* Something entangles [target] in sticky webs.
* Something sways in the wind.

After focusing for the second time

* You feel like your life is in danger.
* Your lungs tighten up.
* Your heart beats out of your chest.
* Your fingers won't stop trembling.
* You hear your breathing begin to steady.
* You hear your heart being to steady.
* You gather all your courage... and learn to overcome.


* Something reaches through [target].[1]
* Something sees through [target].[2]
* Something plays with [target]'s emotions.[3]
* You feel a chill run down your spine.[4]
* You feel dizzy.[5]
* You feel your lungs tighten up.[6]
* You feel a sinking sensation on your stomach.[7]
* You feel your heart beating out of your chest.[8]
* You feel yourself trembling.[9]
* You feel your knees weaken.[10]
* You feel sweat dripping down your forehead.[11]
* You feel your fist clenching on its own.[12]
* You hear your heart beating.[13]
* You focus on what is straight in front of you.[14]



  • The battle music continues for a second after a second or so of finishing the battle.
  • There is an unused Something battle that would be used on the hikikomori route, but it was scrapped and replaced by the Stranger battle.
  • The nothing skills all have descriptions, which is very uncommon, most of these just repeat the unused action text, with some highlights:
  • You feel yourself trembling uncontrollably.
  • You look at what is right in front of you.
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