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location Neighbor's Room
role Provides Omori and friends an ever increasing amount of clams.

Snake is an NPC located in the Neighbor's Room in OMORI.


Snake is a thin, white snake with red eyes and black spots all over their body.


Whilst leaving the Neighbours Room everyday, the Snake will stop Omori and his friends and give them clams. The amount of clams given increases each day.

On the first day, the snake will give Omori 50 clams.
On the second day 200.
On the third 750.
And in the Hikikomori Epilogue 6000.


Snake: "Sssssssssssssss...? (Going out, OMORI?) Sssssssssssss... (Here is your allowance for today.)"

Snake: "Sssssssssssss...? (Waiting for something to happen?)"


  • When climing the ladder to Otherworld, Snake can be seen falling and says "Sssssssssssss... (What a thrill!!)", a reference to Metal Gear Solid 2