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Recyclist (neutral).png
HP.png heart 130
MP.png juice 65
attack 30
defense 20
speed 13
luck 10

Recycultists are enemies found in the Recycultist HQ, they will also be summoned by the Recyclepath during his battle.


There are two variations of recycultists, both behaving the exact same, but being flipped.
Recycultist acts uniformly regardless of emotion

{{{size1}}} 50% chance of flinging trash at a party member, dealing damage.

Else, he will gather trash, skipping its turn.

Additionally, just like with Recyclepath, if Sunny ever falls during the battle, instead of going to the game over screen, he wakes up in the secret lake, revealing that the entire HQ was just a dream.


Fling trash: [2 * a.atk - b.def], with no damage variation.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Recycultist throws trash!
* Recycultist gathers trash!


* Recycultist flings trash at [target]![1]
* Recycultist did the recycultist's call!![2]



  • Recycultist was originally meant to have different emotion states like the other Faraway enemies but this wasn't fully used in-game, he is also one of the few enemies not immune to the second tier of emotion.
    • However, one can still access these states by hacking through mods.
  • They are called "recyclists" in some files.
  1. His "fling trash" skill could use this variation of action text.
  2. The unexisting "call for friend" skill, as the name suggests, would call another recycultist to the battle.