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This article is about the character Pluto. For the enemy, see Pluto (enemy). For the boss fight, see Pluto (Expanded)

Pluto is a character that serves as both the main transportation system for the game, and as a boss.



Pluto was once a part of Captain Spaceboy's planetary collection along with the other eight planets of the Solar System. He can be fought prior to officially meeting him when you first walk into the Otherworld town. He can be seen hiding behind a sign and interacting with him initiates the fight. Pluto officially introduces himself to the crew after they help him hide from Captain Spaceboy's pirates so that he doesn't have to go back to the Solar System. Afterward, Pluto decides to be a transportation system to travel around the world.

Last Resort

In the Last Resort, after getting to the top of the hotel and defeating Mr. Jawsum, he calls upon Pluto to fight the kids so that he doesn't have to give up Hero. Pluto transforms himself into Pluto (Expanded) with the fight only ending because Mr. Jawsum called off the fight before it got out of hand.


The battle begins when Omori finds him, he will have two options whether to disturb him or not. If you disturb him the battle will begin, Pluto is not just one enemy as his left arm and right arm are considered enemies and each has separate stats, emotions, turns, and life. To win, it is only required to defeat Pluto and not his arms. After the battle, Pluto flies away.

Pluto's Spaceline Locations



  • Pluto is in reference to the former planet of the same name.
  • Pluto removing himself from the planetary system is in reference to the fact that Pluto was removed of its planet status in 2006.