Chicken Ball

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Chicken Ball
[[File:CHICKEN BALL.png]]
user Kel
HP.png heart 0
MP.png juice 0
attack 0
defense 0
speed 200
luck 0
hit 100

Chicken Ball is a weapon in OMORI.


A chicken ball. What else would it be?


Obtained by successfully defeating the Chicken? in the last floor of Dino's Dig, keep in mind that failing to do so will make the weapon unobtainable, as the chicken does not respawn.


  • The safest way to obtain it without mods or being high level, is simply reloading a save file from before the failure and try again, and pray for the 10% chance that the chicken have of not running away.
  • Due to the extreme amount of speed this weapon provides, it's considered the best weapon for Kel, as it makes "run'n gun", a skill with damage based on speed, do very high damage, being able to exceed the damage cap of 9999 damage under the right circumstances.