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Can is a toy in OMORI. It cannot be used in battle, but can be used in the recycling machine in the Otherworld Campsite for some useful rewards, as well as 5 clams for every can recycled.


Recyclable material.
Give to recycle machine for 5 clams.


Can be acquired in different ways:

  • As one of the possible items Kel can pick up at the start of a battle in the Junkyard.
  • Being one of the possible rewards for petting the Shadow Dog.
  • Being one of the possible items found within the barrels of Deep Well.
  • When opening watermelons scattered all over Headspace:



  • One of the items used in the recycling machine for its rewards, as well as the achievement "Recycling is a concept". The most efficient way to acquire these items is by entering a battle and running away in the Junkyard.